Please respect my privacy and freedom. I get emails everyday from a business or club to come look at their Facebook Page or Group in order to participate or get some information. Do you know the Internet used to be a place where everyone could participate?

I believe asking me to visit Facebook to get some information is a direct attack on my privacy and freedom. If you choose to personally use Facebook that’s fine, but you should not be forcing other people to use Facebook to get some information you publish. By having a Facebook account and publishing anything on Facebook you are an accomplice to destroying the privacy and freedom of the people of the world.

You should publish the information on your website or create a group chat forum on a platform you control. Building your business or group on the Facebook platform is a bad idea for your business because they can turn it off at any moment whenever they feel like taking that feature away or removing you from the platform. It’s their platform and they make the rules not you. Don’t waste your valuable time on something you don’t control.

Quit Complaining About Facebook, Just Delete It!

You know how when you buy something you start seeing more of whatever it is you just bought. When I bought my car I started seeing other cars just like mine on the road and I never saw them before. Since I deleted my Facebook account I’m more aware of people talking about how they hate Facebook. I hear people say I hate Facebook but my family and friends are there or I just promote my business on Facebook.

There are many alternative ways to share your photos with friends and family. There are also many other ways to promote your business that actually produce better results.

I used Facebook for many years and was more active than anyone I know and I’ve said all of those things myself but honestly it never produced anything but a waste of my time that I could have spent building my own website.

Now my focus is putting time into my websites and doing good old fashioned marketing to get the word out about my business and personal projects like this website that you are reading right now.

Mark Zuckerberg Thinks You’re Stupid!

I’ve started a collection of links to news articles about Facebook and other companies and governments that censoring and surveilling you. I encourage you to do your own research because you won’t hear about in on the mainstream media channels.

I encourage you to Delete Your Facebook and tell your friends and family to do the same, you will thank me later…