Rolodex Contact Manager

I bet you haven’t used a rolodex in a while, maybe you’re young enough that you’ve never even seen one before. Just visit Goodwill you will see a bunch of them. For years I used to manage all my own email and contacts on my own computer and had full control of my data, then the cloud and social media came along and took all that away. Like you I started using Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin and quit keeping my own data. Now that I’m not using Social Media or Google products I’m going back to managing my own email and contacts.

What If Your Internet Service Was Turned Off Tomorrow?

Facebook, Google and Twitter can turned off your access or be shut down at anytime. The power can be turned off at anytime, like it was in California. Your access to the internet can be turned off at anytime. Would you still have access to your vital contacts and data if you were dissconnected from the Internet tomorrow? Trust me you are more dependent on the Internet being on more than you think and that’s what they want, they want you dependent on the Internet.

I’m FREE and I Want To Help Your Be FREE

I use an operating system called PureOS which is a GNU/Linux FREE Software which can’t be controlled by a third party like Windows or Mac OS X. I download all my email from my own email server and store it localling on my laptop. I manage all my critial data myself on my laptop and have backups in case something happens to my laptop. Are you in control of your computer and data?

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If you live in Las Vegas join us at the next Libre Las Vegas GNU/Linux Users Group Meeting