How To Protect Your Privacy Online Screenshot

Do you care about your privacy and security?

The response I usually hear from people when I talk about privacy and security is “I don’t do anything wrong”.  So what, I don’t either!  I choose not to give away every bit of information about me to tech companies, government spies and hackers to do as they wish and make money off of my data.

Take The Red Pill and Learn Why You Should Care or Take The Blue Pill and Live In Blissful Ignorance and Be Owned

If you don’t care about your privacy let me follow you around all day and record everything you do on video and let me have all of your passwords, personal information and bank account numbers, I promise to not do anything bad with it.  No, why not?  That’s what you agree to when you install software on your computer and apps on your phone.  I think you can trust me more that those software companies don’t you?

If you’re like me and you want to control and protect your privacy and data visit and bookmark my new website

I will be publishing news you need to know about, articles and how to videos that will teach you how you can start protecting your privacy as you navigate the world wide web on your computer and phone.