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  • Technology Workout! Most people shut down this time of year. I typically get more busy and start new projects because my photography business typically slows down. I was busy over the past week learning about Javascript, Ajax, PHP, Python, Docker, Wordpress, Jupyter Notebooks and probably something else. I went through a bunch of video tutorials and courses. I've also been preparing for 3 talks that I'll be giving in the next two weeks. I'll be speaking to kids in grades 1-6 about computer programming.  I'll be speaking at the Las Vegas Developer Day meeting about a really cool piece of GNU Free software I found just the other day. I'll also be giving a talk at the Advanced Wordpress Group about using Docker to setup a local development environment. As if that's not enough tonight I went to a ServiceNow Developer group and learned about developing for ServiceNow.  I've setup a developer instance of ServiceNow and I'll be learning more about that technology as well.  I just love learning about technology and what can be done with it.  I've setup a new website at and I'll changing it on a regular basis so visit at your own risk. Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash ×0
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    I hope you and your family are having a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Before doing photography for a living I used to be a programmer. I'm adding technical services to my service offerings starting now.
    • Website Design & Hosting
    • Custom Programming
    • Computer IT Services
    • Computer Security Services
    • Linux Support Services
    Basically if it involves tech and computers think of me I can probably help you.
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    Contact me if you have any questions.
  • Register For The Next Vegas Developers Demo Day Event
    I've got a great piece of software to show off and talk about at the next Las Vegas Developers Day. I just found it last night and stayed up way past my bed time playing with it. It's a really great piece of software and best of all it respects your FREEDOM. There's so much great FREE Software out there that respects your FREEDOM. Why would you choose to use software that doesn't respect your FREEDOM? If you live in Las Vegas register for the next Demo Day Meetup.

    Contact me if you have any questions.
  • Did you know WordPress is GNU?
    You probably use GNU FREE Software everyday and you don't even know it. Wordpress is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) which means it's FREE and respects your FREEDOM and the 4 Essential Freedoms. Matt Mullenweg the founder of Wordpress says if you feel strongly about not licensing your WordPress Addons under GPL then maybe you should go use another platform. Like me he strongly agrees with the GPL. Read more about GNU Public License.
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  • Who needs Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!
    I've installed a micro blogging plugin feature here on my website. This is where I will post random thoughts, photos and things that I would typically share on Social Media. Bookmark my site and come back often because it's always changing. There's even an RSS feed for the Microblog so go ahead and subscribe.  I use Thunderbird for reading my mail and subscribing to RSS feeds and it works great. Would you like to see a video about Thunderbird and manging your own email?
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    Contact me if you have any questions.

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