Maybe you’re hesitant to use GNU/Linux because you don’t know anything about it and that’s understandable. My goal is to help you learn GNU/Linux which is a never ending task, so I’ve got a lot of blog posts to write. I’m fairly new to GNU/Linux myself even though my first exposure to Unix was back in the 1980s when I purchased Coherent for my first 286 PC. Not long after that I got sucked into the black hole of Windows for many years. When the Mac OS X was introduced I switched to Mac specifically because under the fancy graphical interface is a Unix like operating system called Darwin. The first rule of using GNU/Linux is you must be okay with digging in and learning new commands and alternative FREE software.

Think about when you first used Windows or the Mac you had to learn how to perform tasks. You had to learn how to create a new folder, how to copy a file, how to connect to to the internet. The same is true when you switch to GNU/Linux. Some tasks may be very similar, but some tasks may be very different from what you are used to.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore Toto!

One of new items you need to get familiar with is the Terminal or command line. The terminal is where you type commands. You can perform any task you want at the command line, but you need to know how to do it. You may or may not be able to perform the same task with the visual window interface so you will need learn how perform the task at the command line. The command line is a very powerful place to be so learn all you can about it.

Help Is Just A Click Away

The good news is there are many many places to learn GNU/Linux. A quick search on or will provide you many FREE learning options. Here’s an Introduction To Linux course I found from the Linux Foundation that I’m going through right now and I recommend it for you too.

Share Your Resources

If you know about a good GNU/Linux course or tutorial please post it below in the comments below.