If you’re new to GNU Emacs in simple terms it’s an editor for text files, but it’s really way way more than that. You can read and write newsgroups messages, read and send emails, post to social media, surf the web, use the terminal, keep a diary, organize your life, manage your TODO lists, manage your contacts and of course write code.

Emacs has been around for a long time so it’s very mature. It was started in the 1970’s and development still continues to this day and best of all it’s FREE/Libre Software! I’m fairly new to Emacs myself but everyday I try to learn something new about using it.

I just learned how to view and create posts on Mastodon from it using this extension. Mastodon is like Twitter, I don’t use Twitter anymore. That’s the other cool thing about Emacs you can extend it and make it do whatever you want with the Lisp programming language. Yes, you will have to learn a lot of new foreign keystrokes but once you learn them you really don’t use your mouse, so you’re really investing in your productivity when you learn how to use it.