Librem 5 - Docking To Screen, Keyboard and Mouse

When I first started my journey down the FREE Software road I visited the GNU/Linux page. I tried many of the 100% FREE GNU/Linux distrobutions and settled on PureOS as it’s Debian based, it’s focused on security, it’s being actively updated and it works reall well. I’m running it on my laptop and my desktop. However, I did have to install a non free driver for my wifi card in my laptop.

During my research I learned more about Purism the company behind PureOS and their dedication to security, privacy and the GNU Free Software movement. I also learned that they sold laptops and had a phone called the Librem 5 in development. I decided that my next laptop and phone would be from this company.

The Librem5 phone has officially started shipping and I can’t wait to order one. See a video of the first Librem 5 to come off the production line. I would highly recommend taking a look at the hardware if you want 100% Freedom!

Contact me if you have any questions.