GIMP Homepage Screenshot

The beauty of having your own website is that you can tweak it and change it all you want. If you have a blog you should constantly be updating it.

While updating my blog today I saw this image below of a rolodex that I used on one of my past blog posts.

Rolodex Contact Manager

When I created this blog post I just used the image as-is. Today I decided I wanted to make this image black and white and tint the image with a color.

Since I’m forcing myself to learn GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) the alternative to Photoshop I decided I would learn how to do it in GIMP.

I jumped over to Startpage the alternative search engine that doesn’t track you and did a search for How To Create A Sepia Tone Image In GIMP and found this handy little tutorial.

A few minutes later I had this cool tinted version of my rolodex that I swapped out in the original blog post.

The cool thing about having a blog is you can go back and tweak and modify the content anytime you want.

Take the time to go learn something GNU today.

Contact me if you have any questions.