Like you I’ve given up my rights to privacy over time. First it was the FREE email offer, then the FREE calendar, then the FREE health tracker. Now the big tech companies make us pay for giving up our privacy. You are making the choice of convenience over privacy by purchasing spy devices.

Now, your choice not only impacts you, but it impacts me and everyone else around you. Now we have digital assistants that listen to you 24×7 to make your life more convenient. Now you can say Hey X, what’s the weather today? Or, Hey X, what’s on my agenda today? These devices are being installed in every home, school and public facility. In fact, you are carrying around your own private spy device, your phone with you everywhere you go. Even if you don’t have one, someone next to you has one and it’s listening to everything you say. It’s almost impossible to escape the eyes and ears of big tech. We are now living in the surveillance state described in the book 1984 by George Orwell.

Ask Yourself What Am I Giving Up?

I remember not to long ago when online sales where new and people where scared to put their credit card in the website. Now we blindly give up every detail about our lives to the all seeing eyes and ears of big tech. I think we need to bring back a little bit of that concern we used to have.

As I go about my day performing tasks on my computer or my phone I think what am I giving up for this convenience? Let’s take driving directions for example. If you’re old enough you remember carrying around a Rand McNally Street Map in your car. Every gas station sold them and most of them had a city map on the wall for people that would stop and ask directions.

Now we have apps on our phone that tell us turn by turn directions, traffic delays, police alerts and places to visit along the way. Did you ever think about how these apps know there’s a slow down in traffic? These apps are tracking you and everyone else on the road and can calculate the slow down between point A and point B in real time. Have you ever considered how much data is being sent to a sever in the cloud from your phone every second?

Make The Right Choice Before It’s Gone

Luckily, we still have the ability to choose to not participate in this massive personal privacy intrusion. But, you must actively choose Privacy over Convenience. What can you do? You can go buy a map book. You can look up directions at home or work before you leave and write them down. You can also decide to use alternative apps like MapQuest and OpenStreetMaps.
We all need to start choosing alternative options while they still exist, if we don’t pretty soon we won’t have any other options. When it comes to purchasing items I need I try to buy from a local store instead of buying online. When I choose software I try to choose alternative FREE software first. I do all I can to choose Privacy and FREEDOM over Convenience and I encourage you to do the same.

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