About Me

Wayne Wallace

My hacker handle is fr33d0m. My mission as a Free Software Hacktivist is to use FREE Software as much as possible, contribute to FREE Software projects and to help build the FREE Software community by promoting and teaching others how to do the same.

If you don’t know about FREE Software I invite you to watch this presentation about Taking Back Your Freedom, bookmark my website and come back often to see what I’m publishing. In the meantime you can visit the GNU FREE Software page to learn more. I’ve used FREE Software for many years and you have too but you didn’t even know it.

Most of the Internet runs on FREE Software and many of the applications you use every day are licensed under the FREE Software model.

I run the PureOS operating system instead of Windows and Mac OS. PureOS is based on Debian GNU/Linux. This is a 100% Free Operating System endorsed by the Free Software Foundation.

I created User Group for GNU/Linux here in Las Vegas called Libre Las Vegas. I invite you to attend our next meeting.

Where To Find Me

I’m also a professional photographer. If you’d like to see my photography visit https://wallacephoto.com

Learn about FREE Software at A GNU Way Of Thinking

I do have a new social media account on Mastodon located at https://mastodon.social/@fr33d0m

If you’d like to chat with me by phone you can Schedule A Time On My Calendar

Braveheart Freedom

phoe/phoer/phorself – as a photographer these are my gender nutral pronouns
free/freer/frerself – as a free person these are my gender nutral pronouns
hake/haker/hakrself – as a hacker these are my gender nutral pronouns

Not F'd

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